Order Refund Policy
Must read our order refund policy before buying/selling digital downloads, codes and tangible goods on your website, blog, social media, messengers and newsletters!
Order Refund Policy #1
When we get a refund request from a customer, we usually direct the request to your support contact so that you may handle it. We generally only refund order without consulting Sellers if a customer contacts us about a fraudulent or erroneous charge, if the product was not fulfilled as advertised, or to prevent a chargebacks. We can usually issue credit card/debit card/upi/wallet refunds up to 10 hours after an order, but PayPal has a 48 hours refund limit. The refund fee is 5.0% of the order total. In case, the digital product was downloaded or viewed, refund will not be issued in that scenario and that case will be closed immediately.
Chargebacks #2
Chargebacks are different than refunds. A chargeback is the return of funds to a consumer, forcibly initiated by the consumer's issuing bank. The customer signs an affidavit with their credit card/debit card/netbanking provider claiming they did not make the purchase. The only way a merchant can dispute this claim is to provide proper title for what purpose buyer is paying money for with the same digital file that can fulfill the requirement of the buyer. Since most orders are only digital, we typically cannot provide this information, and the issuing bank decides in favor of the customer. In case any merchant won the chargeback, additional 15% will be charged towards the inconvenience fee.
Fraudulent Digital/Physical Product #3
Any individual indulged in selling/buying of digital goods in the private chatbox and to use this website as a payment gateway to carry out business is not acceptable. If you are a merchant, you must upload appropriate media that the buyer was asking for. In case your uploaded digital product does not match with the requirement of the buyer or our team find out any of these of any individual, we have every rights to suspend your account and keep all your payments on hold without any prior notice. Our team can only unblock your account if we get confirmation from your payee end and assurance that this kind of activities will never be repeated in the future.
Buyer protection Team: [email protected]
Paypal Buyers/Sellers #4
Every Buyers are asked to confirm the delivery of digital product once the file was downloaded on the same electronic mail that was provided by you, within 3-4 hours by our team just to verify the satisfaction level of the buyer. In case, any non-indian buyer do not confirm the delivery of digital product and also they are not reporting any fraud case within 12 hours of purchasing goods or if any individual has downloaded/viewed the digital product then asking for refund or any claim will be treated as violation of policy of this website.