What is a Settlement?

Settlement is the process through which a merchant receives money paid by their end users for a particular product/service. There are a number of entities involved in the settlement process. A detailed process is explained below:

Settlement Cycle

Our Team always tries to bring the cheapest solution prevailing in the market for Payout. Though, we cannot say we provide the fastest payment to our customer's Bank Account. But we can assure you, we are not slow either. Our Customers will receive payment within

T+2 days(MAX)

T being the date of capture of Redemption of Payment.
Till now, we had not done so late in any of our Payments. We are Instant at this point of growth of our Business. ,


We provide the most user-friendly support system. In case, you have any problem regarding payments you can drop a mail to [email protected]. . SR Team:

[email protected]

Settlements Pricing

We at anonpe.com always try to waive off the tax from our customers to make a profit for our Business. Since your anonpe.com needs some money to sustain in this competitive marketing world. We charge 5% (Inclusive of GST and Tax) from our Sellers. Believe us, we do more work than what we get from you.

FEE: 6%