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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Just upload some file and generate link from our homepage. Boom! Your account is created. Our merchants don't have to fill any traditional forms to use our platform.

  • At this point of growth of our business, Anonpe do not support any merchnats outside of India. But our Indian merchants can sell their digital work globally.

  • This problem arises either from our side or from your side.

    1. Check if your mobile number is receiving SMS from other phone or not.
    2. If the problem is from our side, please mail us at [email protected] . We'll fix it within a hour or two.

  • You can withdraw it to your UPI, Bank, Paytm Wallet, Amazon Wallet

  • My wallet is not credited even my buyer bought my digital work. Help?

    It can happen due to some bank technical issues or may be due to our server downtime. Whatever might be the reason, report on our support with your mobile number and with File ID on which your buyer paid money to. If the problem arised due to our server downtime, we will add it within a hour or two. But if there's bank technical issue then you might have to wait for 2 days. Even after 2 days if your account don't get credited then according to banking norms your payee will get refund from their bank.