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With Anonpe, Sell Digital Downloads

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What is Anonpe?

Anonpe is an innovative digital solution to prevent people from downloading your uploaded files unless the buyer don't purchase it.

Let’s say “ I have an antidote for coronavirus. I will just upload that document on anonpe with some price. After that, I will get a unique link that needs to be shared with a possible buyer. They cannot see my Antidote formula unless they pay for it.

Our Features

Anonpe is the simplest way to sell digital downloads without paying any subscription fee.

Safe & Secure

PCI-DSS certified payment gateway and secured hosting for all your uploaded files.


Instant payment withdrawal from Anonpe Digital Wallet to Bank / Paytm Wallet / UPI / Amazon Wallet

Experts Support

Friendly customer support with 24/7 support. Due to pandemic, we're runnung out of available experts. You may have to wait longer.

Payment Methods

Anonpe currently provides more than 150+ payment methods - Paytm Wallet, UPI, Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Purchase on EMI available, Airtel Money, Jio Money, Payzapp, Amazon Pay and a lot more.

How to start selling with Anonpe?

Anonpe is outstanding against our competitiors like E-Junkie, Shopify, FastSpring,, because our platform is not only providing same feature at comparatively very low cost but also our merchants are not required to pay subscription or annual maintenance charge.


First Step

Make sure you have some file which you want to sell to people. Click on "Get Started" on the top of this page.


Second Step

You've to provide some details before uploading files. Once you've done with filling all the required information. Click on "Generate Link"


Last Step "Share"

Link will be generated that will not allow people to download/ view your file unless they don't pay money.

Anonpe Business Ideas

Some of our top merchants are using Anonpe to sell Dream11 recommendations, Stock Market Analysis, Prescriptions, Musics, Videos on Youtube, Telegrams, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

Selling Dream11 recommendation via Anonpe

320 Merchants are now millionaire by selling recommendations of Fantasy Games present on Dream11 , MPL, etc via Anonpe

Expert Traders never stop keep using us.
Their Expertise + Our Platform = Extra Revenue

Examinations Guess Papers + Our Platform = Extra Revenue




per hour




of Experience

  • Hidden Features
  • Activate International Payments. Click here to
  • Verified Merchants will get extra Payment Collection Feature like UPI, Virtual Banks to ease their business.
  • Upcoming: Sellers can directly pay from their earning to Nearby Shops, People to purchase goods / Services.
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* If you have some secret file/ video / audio upload it here, or type the secret text or secret link below.

* This private text is what your buyer will receive after payment if no file was uploaded by you.

* Preview file will be uploded here.

* Preview file will be shared for free on the payment page. You can earn trust from your buyer by uploading preview.